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Samuel: The man behind the Face
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in angel_pants' LiveJournal:

Saturday, June 4th, 2005
1:25 am
by the way . . .
. . . I've given up smoking!!! I went from Tuesday 6pm to Friday 12.30 am without one and on friday i only had three (so I am well on my way to actually TOTALLY giving up) but I need some encouragment so please help me friends!!!
Luv you all
Samuel John Hansen-Ferry x x x x

Current Mood: creatively cute
Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
1:55 pm
going out of my mind with boredom!
HELP ME! I'm so bored - I've been living in my bed now for the past two days cos I have MUMPS! EEK! It's vile - the left side of my face looks like the elephant man's! My hair is a mess as it's curly cos I can't straighten it and I feel generally crappy. I'm just watching Return of the Jedi - I've watched the entire trilogy twice now in the last two days! It's so annoying being trapped between these sheets, but at least it's an excuse not to revise lol. Speaking of Star Wars - isn't Hayden Christensen (Anikin) FIT!?!?! MMMMMMM... not as Darth Vader though! lol. So anyway - I'm gonna lie down for a bit - all this typing is very tiring! See you soon x x x

Current Mood: sick but determined!
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
1:40 am
Late night boredom
hey everyone! I'm so horrifically bored sitting here! Hope everyone is ok - you're all probably tucked up in bed all snug and sleepy. Well, not me - I'm guzzling the old gin and burning the midnight oil with Bismarck - at least that was the intention. I went to see Episode III with Peter yesterday - how disappointing! Never mind - the fitness of Anikin (before the bile mutilation) made it worthwhile! What shall I do tomoro? Goin to the pub in the evening with all the crew (the Lyx crew perhaps?), but with the Sarah and Dyl crew certainly. Just counting my money cos I'm saving for my car! Anyway, I'm running out of random ramblings so I shall say ta-ta for now!
Byeeeeeeeeeee x x x
Samuel x x x

Current Mood: I'm a happy camper!
Friday, May 20th, 2005
2:35 pm
Revision! ARGH!
Isn't revision so BORING? I'm so terribly bored and hungover... and I am going out tonight as well - that's nine days of drinking and counting. Oh well, life's too short to sit in! So what's new with me? Like you wanna know ... lol, sure you do! Well, went round to Cam's yesterday to sye his T-shirt, but we ended up just prank-calling pizza places as Kate came round (BUT blame Abigail!!) Kate ended up going home cos she didn't have enough money to go out, but Cam and me went to a lovely lil bar called Ba Reeva on Rose Lane. Got quiet drunk lol - but lovely evening anyway. OOOO and today i discovered the BEST EVER Britney song - it was never released, but I found it on the net, "Deep in my Heart" - IT'S HYPER CHEESY KIDS!!! you have been warned! Anyway, I've done zero revisioni today really. Goin to Garlands tonight, looking forward to it! Well I' hungry so I'm gonna get some corn flakes! Bye for now x x x

Current Mood: and hungover
Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
3:31 pm
My first entry
I suppose my first entry to this Journal thingy is much like the first time I ate sweetcorn. It was a traumatic experience (or so I thought). Turns out, it isn't that bad. Well, what can I say? It was my birthday on Thursday - which was great (as I now have ID, should I need it). Went to the pub on Wednesday as usual for a pre-birthday drink - ste was there with his new girlfriend and the usual crowd - Dyl, Stu, Ashy and Chrissy Mc and John came down but they were asked to leave for "sparkin' a reef" in "da bogs" (oops!). I went to the Brookhouse on Thursday with Sarah (my best friend), Peter (boy best friend), Jenny Ribbles (can't spell her REAL second name), Dyl, Ben and some people joined us who I didn't know too well - lol! Friday was a F*A*B night - attended Big D's party (I thought he was called J, but apparently not) followed by a great night at Garlands - the plus side being the taxi there with the delightful Neil (as well as Amy, Hunter and Nat). Garlands was really good although it's gone sorta shit on a Friday recently (again - it seems to go in peaks and dips) but the company was great and I stayed on the Gi-Gi podium all night (it's a long story why we call it the Gi-Gi podium). Saturday was AMAZING kiddas - had all the family down to our abode as well as Pip, Peter, David, Sarah, Dyl and Jenny for my birthday bash. Most of us were VERY drunk (my granddad and Sue were LEGLESS). Pip and me organised a Garlands party in my room where we played the classics - Object, Fading like Flower and AMARILLO! Ellie and her friend Beth were dancing with us before my mum and Sue invaded the room demanding Motown classics, subsequently falling onto my bed (which reminds me - Sue fell in the bath - HAHAHAHAHA!!!!) Sunday was recovery day and because people didn't leave until about four I was late for Mass (but only by two minutes). Cameron stayed over and was still in bed when i returned from church at 12.30!!! The good side is, I got #420 (pounds) towards my car - and my laptop off my mum and dad is arriving tomorrow!! yey! Anyways, if you have managed to read this collossal entry without cracking open the Scotch then congrats! See you soon kiddas, Samuel x

Current Mood: INCREDIBLY happy!
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